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Vancouver Development Center (PKnight)

4.6.2 Pknight Development Center.JPG

P Knight is situated at the Tervita operations site, 13511 Vulcan Way in Richmond, BC. Tervita Corporation, an industrial waste and environmental services company, with service sites from British Columbia to Manitoba, functions as the landlord for the facility.  As it is nearly beneath the Knight St. Bridge, it is called Plant Knight or P Knight.


It is a 45’x45’ (2,025 sq. ft. (ft2); 188 sq. m. (m2)) industrial tent facility erected in 2004 for the purpose of scaling process technologies in the fields of: non-thermal polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) destruction in soil and oil, metallic enhancement of carbon nanotubes, thermal and sono-chemical heavy oil and asphaltene upgrading and industrial wastewater treatment;  the previous deployments of the sonic technology. 


All five (5) SonoAsh related patents, know-how and IP were generated here.


The facility was intended to optimize and develop additional intellectual property (IP) through the form of techniques and methods that have led to the direct and indirect procurement of separate patents for the applications for SonoAsh, with a focus on the wet beneficiation of production and stored coal and fly ash from North American industrial sources, in an effort initiated with Nalco Mobotec, eventually Ecolab.


The facility consists currently of one operating (1) sonic reactor (with a bay for a second) with a dedicated control system, ventilation, a small steam boiler (not operating), a small drying oven and a small scale Denver flotation cell.

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