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Clean close the impoundment. Reduce the risk.

Improve the bottom line. 

There are hundreds of Coal Ash impoundments in North America. At present, each one represents an unrecognized environmental liability.


But each location also is an unrecognized strategic asset. 

A key component of any new infrastructure project is high-performance concrete. Coal Ash has long been recognized for its pozzolanic properties and it is regularly specified as a key ingredient for mega projects like the new World Trade Center Complex in New York and the Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island.


The key challenge is procuring large quantities of consistently uniform ash products.


SonoAsh separation technology consistently beneficiates variable quality coal ash into the world’s first truly recycled and green building material, ideal for high-performance concrete (HPC) applications.

Based on research at the University of Kentucky Center for Advanced Energy Research, we know that uniform particle size is the key quality metric of Coal Ash used in high-performance concrete applications. 

The SonoAsh process delivers uniform ash particle size that is also a LEED eligible pozzolanic material that reduces energy, greenhouse gases, water & chemical use while addressing unrecognized environmental corporate liabilities. 

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