technology metals & cenospheres

There is a global shortage of economically mined, safe and stable strategic metals.

The US Department of Energy continues to lead significant efforts into the development of technologies to recover strategic elements.  

Coal burning should be considered the first step of a closed loop, economically and socially viable method of unconventional mining such that power generation and clean building material production, from an economic perspective, are secondary benefits.

The SonoAsh patented process removes 75% of the ash material leaving the 25% carbon fraction with all metals encapsulated.  The result is a unique and exceptionally rich ore body allowing for energy and metal extraction opportunities.  



Strategic metals are generally defined as metals vital to modern technology and industry, but that have sources susceptible to disruption. 

Technologies such as jet engines, lasers, X-ray equipment, long-life batteries, glass and high strength steel parts are all made possible through the use of strategic metals. 

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Rare Earth Elements (REE) are used is just about every major modern technological innovation. 

Currently, China controls most of the global Rare Earth market. Western Governments now recognize there is a growing demand for safe, stable and abundant Rare Earth Element sources.

The SonoAsh process provides a strategic opportunity to recover REEs from coal ash. 

SonoAsh separation process creates unique starting point unlike any other technology. By concentrating the metals encapsulated in our carbon fraction process, it creates an safe, secure and economically viable way of recovering REE representing significant revenue potential. 

According to the US Geological Survey and the US Department of Energy, many US coal ash impoundment assays demonstrate most of the seventeen rare earth elements are present. 

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The SonoAsh process liberates trapped cenospheres creating another valuable revenue stream from a waste product. 

Formed during the coal combustion process a cenosphere is a lightweight, inert, hollow sphere made largely of silica and alumina and filled with air or inert gas.

They are discharged with the ash slurry to the impoundments and eventually some float to the surface.

Cenospheres have been used for more than 20 years to improve the properties of a
variety of finished consumer products. 

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