As the world comes to terms with carbon emissions responsibilities, there is an opportunity for industry to take on a leadership role and own the change.

How the cement industry delivers next generation cement product solutions requires a look at traditional ingredients through the lens of modern 21st century technologies. 

At climate change conferences governments of the world are looking for ways to reduce CO2 which is one of the primary greenhouse gases (GHG). The cement industry accounts for 5-8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. One ton of produced cement equals one ton of CO2 in our atmosphere. The world has an insatiable appetite for cement. Annual cement production is rising rapidly and is expected to surpass 4 billion tons per year by 2050.  

The SonoAsh patented process consistently reduces the carbon content from 5-12%+ loss on ignition (LOI) to <1% Coal Ash. 

In addition, the SonoAsh patented process creates a uniform particle size Coal Ash required in the strength and durability of High Performance Concrete.  

The SonoAsh patented process can be applied to wet or dry Coal Ash impoundments of variable quality. 

This includes dry electrostatic precipitator (ESP), baghouse ash as well as wet lagoon ash to create a robust, flexible, value-added product revenue stream.

SonoAsh generated cementitious pozzolans reduce energy, water & chemical use and improve long-term strength and performance of many building materials.  

For industry, the opportunity to lead by example will pay dividends in a variety of arenas for years to come.