Green Cement

The SonoAsh Sonicator reactor can process a broad range of coal ash samples. This engineered coal ash meets ASTM C-618 (AASHTO M295 and European EN-450) requirements for high-value ordinary portland cement (OPC) displacement.


The process creates <1% LOI from variable coal ash sources at more than 15% LOI at definable particle size specifications, typically 25-100 µm.

The SonoAsh outcome represents a genuine market opportunity, producing a scalable, regional, and economical OPC displacement or supplement with negligible greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


This creates relevance from an environmental risk mitigation and marketing perspective even where GHG/carbon discussions are unmeasured, untaxed, or not currently recognized.

This is significant for a global market demanding major infrastructure expansion with challenging and necessary high-performance cement applications.


For the industry, the green cement product offered by our multi-product matrix creates an opportunity to lead by example and will pay dividends in a variety of arenas for years to come.