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Green Cement

As the cement industry seeks to meet their ESG targets, the key issue is the reduction of CO2 emissions. The key lever to address CO2 emissions is the application of new cement materials which are carbon neutral (“green / novel cement”).  


“Significant changes in how cement and concrete are produced and used are urgently needed to achieve deep cuts in emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.” Chatham House 2018


The SonoAsh patented (5) technology profitably enables the global cement industry to begin to close the technology gap between today's reality and their sustainability targets. 


The technology works at the intersection of legacy coal power waste and alternative cementitious materials. Using waste coal ash as feedstock, the patented SonoAsh technology processes impounded coal ash to produce an engineered cementitious material with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint, while beneficially remediating problematic coal ash impoundments.


The SonoAsh Sonicator reactor can process a broad range of coal ash samples. This engineered coal ash meets ASTM C-618 (AASHTO M295 and European EN-450) requirements for high-value ordinary portland cement (OPC) displacement.


The process creates an engineered <1% loss on ignition (LOI) product from variable coal ash sources with more than 15% LOI and definable particle size and shape specifications, typically 25-100 µm.

The SonoAsh outcome is a scalable, regional, and economical OPC displacement or supplement with negligible greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


For the industry, the green cement product offered by our multi-product matrix creates an opportunity to lead by example and will pay dividends in a variety of arenas for years to come. 

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